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22nd Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition

£8,075 in prizes & engagements

Brass, Piano, Singers, Strings and Woodwind

Saturday 24 September 2011
closing date for entries – Thursday 18 August 2011

The Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition was first held in 1990 and is now an established event in music diaries, annually attracting a broad medley of artists of the highest calibre from the UK and abroad. The Competition was devised with the intention of providing a public platform for talent which might otherwise go unheard and to give musicians the opportunity to acquire experience of solo performing, whether or not a professional career is envisaged, also to encourage the pursuance of classical music among listeners and performers. The Competition is an exciting showcase for musicians – invitations are sent to orchestras, music societies, other promoters and agents to attend the Competition to hear the array of talent.

Promoters of the performance prizes have, in previous years, offered further engagements to winners for return visits in following seasons. Visiting promoters also sometimes offer engagements to other Competitors they have heard throughout the day of the Competition.

previous winners
1990, Nicholas Vallis (flute)
1991, Guy Cowley (clarinet)
1992, Rupert Egerton-Smith (piano)
1993, Ben Lasserson (cello)
1994, Julian Sperry (flute)
1995, Rebecca Gilliver (cello)
1996, Sung-Im Kim (piano)
1997, Yuko Nishino (violin)
1998, Jewgenij Sudbin (piano)
1999, Alexandra Wood (violin)
2000, Louisa Breen (piano)
2001, Marisa Gupta (piano)
2002, Martin Sturfält (piano)
2003, Yurie Miura (piano)
2004, Yann Dubost (double bass)
2005, Hayley Wolfe (violin)
2006, Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin)
2007, Sasha Grynyuk (piano)
2008, Jaroslaw Nadrzycki (violin)
2009, Joo Cho (soprano)
2010, Richard Uttley (piano)

(please see Rules for full details)

First prize - £300
£50 donated by City of Southampton Orchestra
solo work: Lambeth Orchestra - £300
recital: Cambridge Summer Music Festival - £225
recital: Steyning Music Society - £250
recital: Stratford-upon-Avon Chamber Music Society - £225
recital: The King's School, Ely - £225
recital: Witney Music Society - £250

Second prize - £250
donated by Rotary Club of Haverhill & District

Third prize - £200

Fourth prize - £175
donated by Marchant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Fifth prize - £150
donated by The Herbert Group

Sixth prize - £125
donated by Balaam's Music, Bury St. Edmunds

Seventh prize - £100

Highest-placed pianist
recital: Bridport and West Dorset Music Club - £250
recital: Bury St. Edmunds Concert Club - £300
recital: Corsham Festival or Pound Arts - £250
recital: Haywards Heath Music Society - £225
recital: Hoddesdon Music Club - £300
recital: Leighton Buzzard Music Club - £250
recital: Louth & District Concert Society - £225

Highest-placed pianist or string player
recital: Matlock Music Society - £225

Highest-placed string player - £200
solo work: Orchestra of the City - £300

Highest-placed string or woodwind player
recital: Faversham Music Club - £250

Highest-placed woodwind or brass player - £200
recital: The Church Stretton and South Shropshire Arts Festival - £275

Highest-placed pianist, guitarist or harpist
recital: Linton Music Society - £225

Highest-placed prize-winner, other than pianist
solo work: Airedale Symphony Orchestra - £325
solo work: Arnold Sinfonia - £325

Highest-placed prize-winner, other than brass
recital: Derby Chamber Music Society - £275

Highest-placed prize-winner, other than singer
recital: Brockenhurst Music Society - £250

Best performance of a work by a British composer - £200
donated by Evans-Pughe Strings of Hitchin Ltd

Best performance of a work written since 1950 - £200
donated by Music Sales Group

Best accompanist - £200
donated by Mrs. Pat Taylor & Mr. Nicholas Jarman

adjudicating panel

Kevin Hill MBE
Music Director – Haverhill Sinfonia & Arnold Sinfonia

Stephen Bryant
Leader, BBC Symphony Orchestra

Timothy Lines
Professor of Clarinet, Royal Academy of Music & Royal College of Music

Colin Stone
Professor of Piano, Royal Academy of Music & Royal Northern College of Music
Artistic Director – LMT Chamber Ensemble

official accompanist
Tom Blach

in association with
Airedale Symphony Orchestra
Arnold Sinfonia
Bridport & West Dorset Music Club
Brockenhurst Music Society
Bury St. Edmunds Concert Club
Cambridge Summer Music Festival
Derby Chamber Music Society
Faversham Music Club
Haywards Heath Music Society
Hoddesdon Music Club
Lambeth Orchestra
Leighton Buzzard Music Club
Linton Music Society
Louth & District Concert Society
Matlock Music Society
Orchestra of the City
Pound Arts
Stratford-upon-Avon Chamber Music Society
Steyning Music Society
The Church Stretton and South Shropshire Arts Festival
The King's School, Ely
Witney Music Society

sponsored by
Balaam's Music, Bury St. Edmunds
Bernhard and Company Ltd.
City of Southampton Orchestra
Empire Pianos, Braintree
Evans-Pughe Strings of Hitchin Ltd.
Genzyme Limited
Glasswells Ltd.
D. Gurteen & Sons Ltd.
Haverhill Town Council
M. J. Pipe Ltd.
MPG Printwise Ltd.
MachinePart Engineering Ltd.
Mansol (Preforms) Ltd.
Marchant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Miller's Music Centre, Cambridge
Mrs. Pat Taylor and Mr. Nicholas Jarman
Music Sales Group
Rotary Club of Haverhill & District
STP Stationery
The Herbert Group

promoted by Haverhill Sinfonia            Registered Charity No. 801519
Haverhill Sinfonia, 8 Templars Court, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 9AJ, United Kingdom.

Tel (UK): 01440 763799            Tel (International): +44 1440 763799

Please note: the details of this Competition are in 3 parts:–

(i) Brochure/Details (ii) Entry Form (iii) Rules.