Haverhill Sinfonia - 27th season


of the 23rd Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition

held on Saturday 29 September 2012 at Haverhill Arts Centre

(prizes presented by Haverhill Sinfonia's Chairman, Mrs. Pat Taylor)

First Prize
Anthony Brown  
(Saxophone / British)
£300 donated by Wood, Wind and Reed (Cambridge)
recital: Cambridge Summer Music Festival (£225)
recital: Gresham's (£225)
recital: Haverhill Sinfonia (£225)
recital: Stratford-upon-Avon Chamber Music Society (£225)
recital: The Gower School (£250)
recital: The King's School Ely (£225)
solo work: Bedford Sinfonia (£325)

Second Prize
Samson Tsoy 
(Piano / Korean)
£250 donated by Rotary Club of Haverhill & District

Third Prize
Xabier Casal  (Saxophone / Spanish)
£200 donated by Haverhill Research Park

Fourth Prize
James Kreiling 
(Piano/ British)

£175 donated by Marchant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Fifth Prize
Christopher Jacklin
 (Baritone / British)

£150 donated by The Herbert Group.

Sixth Prize
Tianhong Yang
 (Piano / Chinese)

£125 donated by Balaam's Music (Bury St. Edmunds)

Seventh Prize
Antonio Hallongren 
(Cello / Swedish)

£100 donated by VION Sliced Cooked Meats

Highest-placed pianist
Samson Tsoy 
(Piano / Korean)

recital: Bury St. Edmunds Concert Club (£300)
recital: Haywards Heath Music Society (£225)
recital: Hoddesdon Music Club (£300)
recital: Leighton Buzzard Music Club (£250)
recital: Louth & District Concert Society (£225)
recital: Pound Arts (£250)

Highest-placed string player
Antonio Hallongren 
(Cello / Swedish)

£200 donated by VION Sliced Cooked Meats

Highest-placed violinist
Emily Dellit 
(Violin / Australian)

recital: Brickwall Music and Arts Society (£225)

Highest-placed string or woodwind player
Anthony Brown 
(Saxophone / British)
recital: Faversham Music Club (£250)
recital: Matlock Music Society (£225)
solo work: Redhill Sinfonia (£325)

Highest-placed woodwind player
Anthony Brown 
(Saxophone / British)
recital: Bideford Music Club (£225)

Highest-placed woodwind or brass player
Anthony Brown 
(Saxophone / British)
£200 donated by Genzyme Ltd.

Highest-placed pianist, guitarist or harpist
Samson Tsoy  
(Piano / Korean)

recital: Linton Music Society (£225)

Highest-placed brass player
Michael Buchanan 
(Trombone / British)
solo work: City of Southampton Orchestra (£325)

Highest-placedprize-winner, other than pianist
Anthony Brown 
(Saxophone / British)

solo work: Airedale Symphony Orchestra (£325)
solo work: Lambeth Orchestra (£300)

Highest-placed prize-winner, other than singer
Anthony Brown 
(Saxophone / British)
recital: Brockenhurst Music Society (£250)
recital: The Church Stretton and South Shropshire Arts Festival (£275)
recital: Witney Music Society (£250)

Highest-placed prize-winner, other than brass
Anthony Brown 
(Saxophone / British)
recital: Derby Chamber Music Society (£275)

Best performance of a work by a British composer
Fraser Langton 
(Clarinet / British)
£200 donated by Evans-Pughe Strings of Hitchin Ltd.

Best performance of a work written since 1950
James Kreiling  (Piano / British)
£300 donated by Music Sales Group.

Best Accompanist
Leo Nicholson

£200 donated by Mrs. Pat Taylor and Mr. Nicholas Jarman

left to right:
(official accompanist) Tom Blach
(adjudicating panel) Gary Ryan, Caroline Palmer and Kevin Hill.

Competition Adjudicators:-

Kevin Hill MBE
Music Director, Haverhill Sinfonia and Arnold Sinfonia

Caroline Palmer
Professor of Piano and Chamber Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Gary Ryan
Assistant Head of Strings & Professor of Guitar, Royal College of Music